Hello there,

Welcome to my website. My name is Harley. I'm a Canadian living in Scotland, a former behaviour analyst working as a web developer, and an aspiring couch potato. (I'll get there one day!)

I bet you are not wondering how I ended up making websites in Scotland. Some say it was the pandemic, others say it was YOLO fever. I have my own theories on the matter, but I believe it was someone important who once said: when life gives you lemons, the lemonade is always sweeter on the other side.

Anyway, I might put more content here in the future. I probably won't put more content here in the future. All I can guarantee is this dark mode button, behold:

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PPS: People frequently write me and say things like,
Hi Harley! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Hoc ovum paschale est. Sed non facilisis est. Necesse est lectori latine legere. Et hoc scire debetis. Quam verisimile est quod aliquis hunc locum interpretabitur? Ergo impossibile est cognoscere.
So this is a delivery to you, the fans. HL - 2022-07-31